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  • Soc. Elite of Giannellini & Bellini BikiniScompagnati is an idea that was born and developed since 2006,

  • Our products are all in Lycra and are processed in Italy.

  • We are also able to offer customizable samples and wholesale sales

  • For ideas or proposals we are always available to discuss


whatsapp +39 3931517110

skype Claudino62

email : claudio@giannellini.it

BikiniScompagnati more than a company is an idea that was born in Cecina in 2006 to create the possibility of offering WOMEN a line of swimwear that can meet all the most diverse needs.

The success that then gives the name to our bikini line is BIKINISCOMPAGNATI, that is, each type of woman is given the opportunity to create her own personalized bikini by choosing between different sizes and models of briefs (e.g. from thong to waist briefs high) in different sizes and models and so for the bra ……

The BASE BikiniScompagnati line of summer 2020 consists of:

- 18 models of briefs

- 19 models of bras

- in 10 solid colors

- and 10 patterns (combined with solid colors)

18 briefs x 19 bras x 20 colors = 6840 possibility of combinations to create your own bikini

We are proud that the entire production and distribution chain of our products is Italian, therefore a true MADE IN ITALY

All our bikinis are in LYCRA which for elastic characteristics has the best stretching and recovery properties of the original shape that a bikini can have.